Internship in Duy Tan University

8/3/2015 – 11/04/2015

This is a truly eye-opening experience for me in  Da Nang as I had learnt a lot in this trip. A big “Thank you” to all staffs and faculty from Environment Department those who spent time and kind help when my team and I are in Da Nang city.

 Time is flying and this internship is going to end soon. First of all, my Da Nang gives me such an amazing and wonderful feel as Da Nang absolutely has its own charm. Before coming here, I actually looked out for the tourist attractions and cuisine in this beautiful city but I did not have much information about these country and city. After coming, I just realized this city was successfully implemented its ambitious “5 NO” campaign: no hungry households, no illiteracy, no beggars, no drug addicts, no murder or robbery. Danang is the only city in the country without wanderers for begging! That’s very safe. The city has been continuing the campaign with “3 YES”: housing, jobs and urban cultural and civilized lifestyles. Such a superb city! I really impressed by this. Falling in love in this city.

I am a nature lover so places like Marble Mountain, Ling Ung Pagoda, beaches are my favourite but unfortunately we are unable to visit Ba Na Hills and Hai Van Pass which are also popular tourist attractions in Da Nang perhaps I will visit them in my next trip to Da Nang! At Marble Mountain, I really amazed by the picturesque scenery on the top of mountain! There are quite a lot of historical and religious symbols as well. Watching at the immense white Goddess of Mercy stature is spectacular!

One of the most unforgettable experiences is ride on motorbike! I have never ride on a motorbike in the past 19 years although motorbikes are found in my country. I had tried the chaos and grace of scooter ride in Vietnam! Thanks a lot to the Vietnamese friends who had brought us to visit this city by motorbike.

Moreover, the two projects I had done here also a meaningful experience. I had visited Khanh Son Rubbish Dumping Area, Hoa Cuong Wastewater Treatment Plant and the rubber seed oil production area. This is my first time to visit those places. Although the hygiene of these places are terrible, it is a good trip to have a better understand the livelihood of citizens in Da Nang. It will definitely help me a lot in my future.

Wendy Lee Wei Li