Da Nang – The Famous City Bridges in Vietnam


The Han River Bridge, a suspension bridge connecting the east and west sides of the city, was inaugurated on 29 March 2000.  It was the only swing bridge in Vietnam and it swings open every day during the early morning. With the decorative lighting on the bridge and along the two banks of the river, the Han River Bridge becomes very colourful and attractive in the evening.

It is the first swing bridge designed by Vietnamese architect and workers. The bridge is the unique swing bridge to be built in Vietnam and it is also an important part of city’s landscape. Every day at 1AM and 4 AM, all traffics are stopped from crossing the bridge and it swings to allow ships to pass along river.


The Thuan Phuoc Bridge is one of the newest and most important additions to Da Nang’s transit system. With a main span of 650 m (2,133 ft) and a total length of 1,850 m (6,070 ft), the Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the largest suspension bridge in Vietnam, and connects Da Nang’s city center with the urban district of Son Tra. This longest cable-stayed bridge of Vietnam is near Tien Sa port and is the axis connecting people and visitors to the popular tourist destination, Linh Ung Pagoda.


Opened on March 29, 2013, The Dragon Bridge was unveiled on the 38th anniversary of the North Vietnamese forces capturing the city during the final days of the Vietnam War. The metallic dragon was modeled on one from the Ly Dynasty and is illuminated with 2,500 LED lights. Rong Bridge is 666 meters long, it includes a dragon head (18.24m), body (680m) and tail (19.37m). Its width is 37.5m divided into a six-lane road. The bridge ejects fire and water every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m


Named under a heroine of the Vietnamese resistance to foreign aggression, the 731m long Tran Thi Ly Bridge is a striking new landmark for Da Nang City, characterized by its chic red cables fanning out on either side of the bridge and its dramatic illumination.

One of the most unusual features of the design of this bridge is the single, inclined tower, which is, at 145m high, it is the highest backwards-leaning single pylon for a cable-stayed bridge. In addition the bearings for the vertical loadings located at the pier under the pylon are the biggest spherical bridge bearings ever fabricated. With six lanes for traffic, plus pedestrian sidewalks on both sides, the 34.5m-wide concrete deck is supported by single plane cables along the middle line of the superstructure in the main span. It is thought to be the widest concrete bridge deck in Asia to be suspended in this way.

Crossing Han River and Rong bridges, tourists will reach Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, the oldest in the city. Built in 1965 with dome architecture, it is over 500 meters long.