The Third Season of Learning Express at DTU

Six months ago, students from DTU and the Singapore Polytechnic visited villages in Duy Xuyen and Que Son in Quang Nam Province to learn about weaving thread into cloth, weaving bamboo and broom-making. On October 5th, they launched the third season of Learning Express. Three lecturers and twenty-seven students from Singapore Polytechnic accompanied DTU lecturers and students to learn about traditional crafts from the villagers at the Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village, in Triem Trung 1 Hamlet, the bamboo weaving village in Dong Hoa hamlet and the rice-cake village in Thanh Chiem hamlet. Working with the villagers, they will create products themselves and research ways to improve production.  
 DTU presents gifts to Singapore Polytechnic lecturers 
Mr. Nguyen Huy Phuoc from the DTU Office of International Relations said: “Learning Express allows students of DTU and the Singapore Polytechnic to exchange their cultures, consolidate their soft skills and practice their English, in order to prepare themselves for Vietnam’s integration into ASEAN and the world.” 
 Singapore Polytechnic students participating in games
Goh Kai Wen from Singapore Polytechnic said: “I am so happy to join in this Learning Express program. I wil learn more about the Vietnamese culture during our craft activities with the villagers of Quang Nam.”
By collaborating with other ASEAN universities and colleges, DTU has enabled students to learn more about the various economies and cultures of the member countries.
(DTU Media Center)